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Yisile-P Easy-tear Film Used For Snack Food Packaging

Yisile-P Easy-tear Film Used For Snack Food Packaging

The following information is based on the knowledge and experience we have actually mastered. We strongly recommend that users thoroughly and carefully test products before using them to verify whether they are suitable for users' own process conditions and uses, and suggest that we consult with our technicians. The above technical information is not regarded as any guarantee of us, and therefore,we do not bear any responsibility.

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This product uses polyolefin as the main raw material after three-tier CO-extrusion blown film. This easy-open heat sealing film is based on PP substrate. And can be combined with general thin films (PET, OPP, PA, etc.) for different needs.


The product is suitable for jelly, biscuit and other leisure food which use PP to seal its cup or bottle.

Easy to open or use.

With lower sealing temperature.

Uniform in tearing strength, and no residue in the seal.

Can adjust the difficulty of exposing the cover according to the request from customers.

Can choose different substrate(such as OPP,AL,PET,PA,etc.) according to the request from customers.

Can use pasteurization.

Technical indicators


Pull off force,N





elongation at break,%





Peel strength,N/15mm



Peeling force(Heat sealing of PP sheet,professional flat seal instrument 200℃,1.1s,0.38MPa, Heat seal width 3mm)


Tearing force(Heat sealing of PP sheet,professional flat seal instrument 200℃,1.1s,0.38MPa,Heat seal width 3mm)


⑴ The above data are for reference only, not the specification of the product.

⑵ Product mix:PET12//PET12//Yisile-P58

Usage method

●In general, two hot sealing knives are required for the heat sealing process of the cover film. It is suggested that the temperature set at 180-220 degrees centigrade,0.35-0.65Mpa.

●Avoid putting much oil material at the sealing position which can affect the heat sealing performance.

●The pressure and drop test should be carried out after the sealing is fully cooled.

●Ensure the sharpness of the die cutting tool to avoid the appearance of drawing and burr on the edge of the die cutting and affecting the appearance.

●Because of the differences in the processing equipment and processing technology between different manufacturers, it is suggested that the machine test should be carried out first.


Suits for seal package for jelly, salad, biscuits and other leisure foods.

Matters need attention

●Prevent mechanical collisions and be careful when loading the car. In order to avoid the product aging ,the car should stop in the shade when parking or unloading.

●It should be placed in a clean, dry, ventilated and cool storeroom under no more than 35 degrees centigrade, ?and properly stacked with a distance from the heat source more than 2m, which can aviod direct light.

●When used, it should be used now and should not be placed in a high temperature workshop for a long time.



Product description

Welcome to our website, where we are excited to present our innovative product, Yisile-P Easy-Tear Film. As a leading manufacturer, factory, and wholesaler, we specialize in providing high-quality packaging solutions, and our Yisile-P Easy-Tear Film is specifically designed for snack food packaging, offering convenience, freshness, and reliability.
One of the key features of our Yisile-P Easy-Tear Film is its impressive pull-off force. With a minimum requirement of 50N, this film ensures that your snack food packages remain intact during transportation and handling. It provides a robust barrier, safeguarding the contents inside and preventing any accidental opening or damage. You can trust that your snack foods will reach consumers in perfect condition, maintaining their freshness and quality.
In addition to its exceptional strength, our Yisile-P Easy-Tear Film offers superior elongation at break. With a minimum requirement of 30%, this film provides the necessary flexibility and stretchability for seamless wrapping and sealing around a variety of snack food products. It conforms to the shape of the contents, ensuring a secure fit and minimizing the risk of leakage or spoilage.
Peel strength is a crucial factor in snack food packaging, and our Yisile-P Easy-Tear Film excels in this area. It exhibits strong peel strength, ensuring a secure bond between layers and preventing any unwanted separation. With a peel strength of at least 1.0 N/15mm for PET/PET (MPET) and 2.0 N/15mm for PET (MPET)/PE, our film guarantees that your snack food packages remain tightly sealed until they reach the end consumers.
For added convenience, our Yisile-P Easy-Tear Film is designed with both peeling force and tearing force properties. The peeling force, tested under specific conditions of heat sealing with a professional flat seal instrument at 200℃, 1.1s, and 0.38MPa, ensures that the film can be easily peeled off without compromising the integrity of the package. The tearing force, tested under the same conditions, allows for effortless opening of the package while maintaining the necessary level of resistance.
We understand the importance of maintaining product integrity and freshness, particularly in the snack food industry. Therefore, our Yisile-P Easy-Tear Film is engineered to provide excellent heat-sealing properties. Tested with a heat seal width of 3mm under professional conditions at 200℃, 1.1s, and 0.38MPa, our film ensures a reliable seal that effectively keeps moisture, oxygen, and contaminants out, preserving the quality and flavor of your snack foods.
As a manufacturer, factory, and wholesaler, we prioritize quality control and customer satisfaction. Our Yisile-P Easy-Tear Film undergoes rigorous testing and inspection to ensure it meets and exceeds the highest industry standards. We are committed to delivering products that meet your specific requirements and expectations.
In conclusion, Yisile-P Easy-Tear Film is your ideal solution for snack food packaging. With its impressive pull-off force, superior elongation at break, strong peel strength, and convenient peeling and tearing forces, this film offers the perfect combination of strength and convenience. It guarantees that your snack foods remain fresh, securely sealed, and easily accessible to consumers. Place your trust in our expertise as a manufacturer, factory, and wholesaler, and experience the benefits of Yisile-P Easy-Tear Film for your snack food packaging needs.