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Series of surrounded label

Series of surrounded label

DisclaimerThe following information is based on the knowledge and experience we have actually mastered. We strongly recommend that users thoroughly and carefully test products before using them to verify whether they are suitable for users' own process conditions and uses, and suggest that we consult with our technicians. The above technical information is not regarded as any guarantee of us, and therefore,we do not bear any responsibility.

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This product is a single or multilayer film composite plastic label.


●? Beautiful printing effect, excellent performance of graphic presentation.Have high light, matte,pearl,metal texture of different visual effects;

●? Easy to use,low cost,high processing efficiency;

● Use environmental material,which take small environment pollution.

Technical indicators

The specific indicatorscan be determined by discussion.

Typical structure:BOPP、Pearlite label film、BOPP/BOPP、BOPP/ Pearlized BOPP、BOPP/VMOPP.


Usage method

Suitable for the manual or automatic labeling machine to cut labels in high speed.


Mainly used for the label packaging of beverages, daily chemicals, condiments and so on.

The encircling standard is mainly used in the flat bottle body of the labeling area. It is suggested to use the heat shrinkable label for the label area with depression or large deformation.

Matters need attention

●Prevent mechanical collisions and be careful when loading the car. In order to avoid the product aging ,the car should stop in the shade when parking or unloading.

●It should be placed in a clean, dry, ventilated and cool storeroom under no more than 35 degrees centigrade, ?and properly stacked with a distance from the heat source more than 2m, which can aviod direct light.

●When used, it should be used now and should not be placed in a high temperature workshop for a long time.


Product description