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Five layer coextruded polyolefin shrinkage film

Five layer coextruded polyolefin shrinkage film

DisclaimerThe following information is based on the knowledge and experience, which we have actually mastered. We strongly recommend that users thoroughly and carefully test products before using them to verify whether they are suitable for users' own process conditions and uses, and suggest that you consult with our technicians. The above technical information is not regarded as any guarantee of us, and therefore we do not bear any responsibility.

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Product Description

This product is a heat shrinkable film with high transparency and high shrinkage, which is made of polyolefin as the main raw material through five layers coextrusion blow film.



? The product is widely used and is suitable for the cluster packing of food, beverage, daily necessities and so on.

? The product is produced by double bubbles and has excellent shrinkage performance through both biaxial stretching and vertical and horizontal direction, and the effect of body packing can be achieved to the maximum extent.

? With good transparency and glossiness.

? It has good wear resistance and can effectively protect the content.

? It is flexible in size to meet the requirements of different customers.




Tensile Strength,MPa





Elongation at Break,%





Heat Shrinkage Rate%(oil?bath120℃,10s)





Tear Strength,KN/M


Coefficient of Kinetic Friction,1







Gloss 45°,%


The data in the above table are for reference only, not the specification of the product.

Film Thickness? 25um

Usage Method

? It is suggested that the drying path is longer than 150cm, three sections are heated, the temperature is 160-190℃, and the shrinkage process is about 5s.

? It is suggested that the conveyor belt is reticular or crawler type to avoid the use of roller type.

? The connecting place of the conveyor belt and the transport line are as smooth as possible, and the height difference is not more than 2mm, avoiding the sloshing of the products to cause the loosening of the packing.


After the packaging film is sliced by the automatic packaging machine, the single film package should be as compact as possible.

? When the product passes through the oven, and before the shrinkage is not fully cooled, the sloshing package is avoided.

? The products with good shrinkage have to be stacked after complete cooling to avoid loosening.

? Due to the differences in the processing equipment and processing technology of different manufacturers, it is suggested that the machine test be carried out first.


It is suitable for the packing of food, beverage, daily necessities and so on.

Matters Needing Attention

l? When loading the vehicle, handle it with care to prevent mechanical collision. When parking halfway, it is not allowed to park in the hot sun to prevent exposure to the sun. It should be parked in a cool place, and should also be in a cool place when unloading, so as to avoid shrinkage and deformation of the product;

l? When loading the car, be careful to light and prevent the mechanical collision. When stopping in the middle of the road, it is not allowed to stop in the sun and prevent insolation. It should be stopped in the cool place and the unloading should be in the cool place, so as to avoid the shrinkage and deformation of the products.

? Storage conditions should be placed at a temperature of not more than 35 degrees. In a clean, dry, ventilated and cool storehouse, it should be stacked properly. The distance from the heat source is greater than 2m.

? When used, it should be used now and should not be placed in a high temperature workshop for a long time.

? Storage time: it is not suitable for more than half a year from the date of production.

Product description